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"Every once in a while you meet someone who offers the best of herself, gently, and points you in the direction of your own inner knowing. For our family, Nancy has been that person. As parents, she points us to our centers. She asks us to hold (stay centered with) the temper tantrums, hold the hysterical crying, hold the biting, hold the pinching and to hold the hitting. And, as we practice this meditation, we stretch a little bit more."
                                               Mother, writer, professor at MIT

"I just wanted to thank you for your kind, compassionate and attentive instruction in mindfulness-based meditation. You have given us a healthy tool bag to walk with. A
tool bag that I access regularly and has greatly helped me with my work (practice).
The personal/spiritual expansion has changed my life. Thank you for your warm
heart these past 2 yrs.!!  In deepest gratitude.                 
                                               Student (Mindfulness), who participated in numerous
                                                            weekly and then monthly Mindfulness Group

"Nancy lives her teachings, and it came across to her students. She listens and takes
part in the process--she doesn't just push out assignments. She is by far the best
teacher I have had in the University (University of Maine) System"
                                               Student (Universiy of Southern Maine) five day intensive
                                                            3 Credit Course.

"Nancy did an amazing job teaching this course. Her listening skills and knowledge of the
material was beyond my expectations. She lives what she teaches and I would say out of
every class that I have ever taken in my studies, this one has the most powerful value
that will enrich my life.  THANK YOU!!!"
                                               Student (University of Southern Maine) five day intensive
                                                            3 Credit Course

"Nancy was an amazing teacher and exemplified the subject matter she was teaching, which
was helpful to see. She is very knowledgable and teaches a way of living that everyone should
know about because of how positively it affects your life. Nancy clearly cared about all of the
students and was just really amazing. Best teacher I have probably come across so far through
my education"
                                              Student (University of Southern Maine) Five Day Intensive
                                                           3 Credit Course

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